What is the Ecological Fund all about?

The ecological fund is an Intervention Fund established by the federal government of Nigeria to address serious ecological problems facing the nation holistically and in a consistent manner.

When was the Fund established?

The Ecological Fund was established in 1981 through the Federation Account Act of 1981, which was later modified by Decrees 36 of 1984, and 106 of 1992; as well as the Allocation of Revenue/ Federation Account Act (modification) order of 2002.

How does the Fund get its operational revenue/ working capital?

The Fund originally was constituted with 1% of Federation Account which has since been increased to 20% of the Federation Account since 1995.

Is it right to say that the Federal Government manages the Ecological Fund on behalf of other tiers of governments?

The 2% first line charge from the Federation Account that is devoted to the amelioration of ecological problems in the country is
shared among tiers of government as follows:

Federal Government 48.5%

State Government 24.5%

Local Government 20%

The federal Government only manages its own share of the fund holistically through the establishment of the Ecological Fund

How many types of ecological problems do we have?

Like deformities which are of different forms and shapes, we have various types of ecological problems. Some examples are: – soil erosion, flood, drought, desertification, oil spillage, general environmental pollution, habitat degradation, landslides, earthquakes etc.