dp_efo2.fwThe Ecological Fund is indeed an intervention facility established to address the multifarious ecological problems ravaging communities across the country.

The Fund was originally established in 1981 through the Federation Account Act (1981) based on the recommendation of the Okigbo Commission. The Act has subsequently been modified by Decrees 36 of 1984 and 106 of 1992 respectively; and further modified through the Allocation of Revenue/Federation Account etc (modification) order of 8th July 2002.

The Fund which originally received 1% of the Federation Account was reviewed upwards to 2% of the Federation Account in 1992. From its inception in 1981, it has been a first line charge which provides handy resources for amelioration of ecological problems such as soil erosion, flood, drought, desertification, oil spillage, pollution, general environmental pollution, storm, tornadoes, bush fire, crop pest, landslide, earthquakes etc.

The enabling statutes have over the years placed the Fund under the control of the Head of the federal government; to be disbursed and managed in accordance with such directives as may be issued from time to time.


Arising from the vision and mission statement of the EFO the core mandates are:

  • Reduce ecological problems nationwide to the barest minimum
  • Facilitate quality and effective implementation of projects
  • Judicious and equitable utilization of the Fund
  • Effective management of Ecological Fund Projects


To ensure effective implementation of government policies and programmes on environmental and ecological problems as well as provide sustained and substantial financial resources for the mitigation of such problems and their impact.


To serve as strategic instrument for ameliorating ecological problems nationwide through effective management, co-ordination, monitoring and implementation of government ecological policies, programmes and projects.


  • States and Local Government of the Federation
  • National Assembly
  • Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)
  • General Public